Our Services

Our services include fabrication, insulation, scaffolding, refractory & fireproofing, and specialty fitting covers among other things. We also carry various materials, including removable covers, insulation material and sheet metal.

What We Do

Fabrication/Insulation Etc.

Industrial Insulation & Sheet Metal, Inc. has performed work for a wide variety of customers ranging from commercial contractors, to the public sector. 


  • Aluminum Alloy Tube & Clamp Scaffolding
  • Safe-way Scaffolding
  • Scaffold Boards & Planks
  • Delivery & Pickup
  • Erection
  • Dismantling
  • Rentals & Sales
  • Casters

Scaffolding Styles:

  • Tube & Clamp
  • Ring
  • Frame
  • Utility

Fabrication & Sheet Metal

Industrial Insulation & Sheet Metal, Inc. has the capability of fabricating a wide variety of products ranging in thickness from .010″ to ¼” plate. As well as numerous types of materials for almost any industrial or commercial application. Our engineering department uses. AutoCad assistance as well as other computer aids to generate the most advanced drawing and fabrication procedures and documents.

IISMI is a custom fabrication facility. We fabricate to the customer’s request and needs.


Our services include piece pressed elbows, gore elbows, roll jacketing, corrugated sheets, and specialty fitting covers. 

Refracory & Fireproofing

We offer top of the line refractory and fireproofing services and installation. We work with recognized manufacturers in the industry to ensure quality and durability.

Refractory and Fireproofing Services Include:

  • Removal & Installation
  • Engineering
  • Lining Design
  • Material & Installation
  • Maintenance Canvassing
  • Repair

Coupling & Belt Guards

  • Available in any Metal Composition Required
  • Standardized Dimension Forms for Ordering are Available on Request

Waterflood Freeze Protections

  • Prefabricated Removable Boxes Combined with Pipe Insulation Provide Freeze Protection with Easy Access to Equipment for Maintenance
  • Freeze Protection for Pneumatic Controls and Instruments
  • Eliminates Costly Drawings Due to Freeze ups
  • Complete Turn-key Installation by Experienced Field Crews

Fired Heaters & Heater Treaters

  • Reduces Operating Costs & Fuel Consumption Maintenace
  • Prolongs Equipment Life
  • Complies with Energy Conservation Efforts
  • Enhances Appearance of Equipment
  • Weather Resistant
  • Removable for Repairs
  • Complete Turn-key Installation on Location
  • Estimates Available

Founded in 1964

Our Purpose has always been to provide promt, efficient, competitive, and above all professional service that the energy and construction industries require.

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