Industrial Insulation & Sheet Metal, Inc. sells insulation material, sheet metal, scaffolding material, and removable covers to the customers in the oil and gas industry, construction industry, and to the public sector. 

Insulation Material

Our insulation material includes gore elbows, roll jacketing, cut and rolled jacketing, corrugated sheets, and specialty fitting covers. To learn more, click here>

Sheet Metal

Industrial Insulation & Sheet Metal, Inc. has the capability of fabricating a wide variety of products ranging in thickness from .010" to ΒΌ" plate. As well as numerous types of materials for almost any industrial or commercial application. Our engineering department uses. AutoCad assistance as well as other computer aids to generate the most advanced drawing and fabrication procedures and documents. IISMI is a custom fabrication facility. We fabricate to the customer's request and needs. To learn more, click here>


Our scaffolding styles include tube & clamp, ring, frame, and utility. We have E & D services that include rental, engineering, and competent person training. To learn more, click here>

Removable Covers

 Industrial Insulation and Sheet Metal, Inc (IISMI) fabricates and installs a large variety of insulation removable / insulation blankets utilizing an array of fastening applications. To learn more, click here>