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Industrial Insulation and Sheet Metal was founded in 1964. Our company offers sales, installation, and service to the oil and gas industry, construction, and to the public sector. We specialize in fabrication, insulation, scaffolding, fireproofing and refractory, removable covers, and sheet metal. 

Work History

Industrial Insulation and Sheet Metal, Inc. was founded in 1964 for the purpose of providing prompt, efficient, competitive, professional service that the energy and construction industries require to operate at maximum efficiency; whether it be in Production, Construction, Process, Maintenance, Marketing, Design , Engineering, or Budget Phase.

Industrial Insulation & Sheet Metal, Inc. has performed work for a wide variety of customers ranging from commercial contractors, to the public sector. We currently maintain master service agreements or service contracts with all major and independent oil and gas producers.

“The employees and management at Industrial and Sheet Metal, Inc, express our deepest appreciation to our friends for past and future patronage, which allows us the privilege of participating in an industry so vital to our great nation.”